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Poc Retina slēpošanas brilles

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Kalnu slēpošanas brilles


Brilles ar „milzīgiem” filtriem – lai paplašinātu slēpošanas „lauka” pārredzamību. Nekas neierobežos jūsu skatu pār nogāzi.

Double lensed goggle designed for good ventilation and a wide angle of view to improve reaction time and overall active safety. Comes with a high quality PC lens with excellent anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment. The NXT version comes with a lens that gives outstanding optical properties, This lens material takes clarity and high definition within goggles to a new dimension and have a superb oleophobic/hydrophobic treatment.

VLT-Visible Light Transmission

VLT is a measurement that specifies the percentage of light coming through the lens and reaching your eyes. A totally clear lens for dark conditions typically have around 90% VLT and a very dark colored lens with mirror for sunny conditions may have down to 10% VLT. Most allround lenses will be found between 30 to 60 %. In our range you will find alternatives for all kinds of conditions, please have a look at our lens overview to chose a lens according to your needs.

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